I've been growing worms since 1979 and been on CBS's This Morning, Talk Soup, and a few other TV shows. I have been featured in books that were published and sold world-wide describing how to grow worms. People have called me from several foreign countries and even visited me from as far away as Australia.
And, I've also sold bait to some of the largest bait companies in the United States. Of all of my accomplishments in the bait business, teaching 4th grade kids how to grow worms was one of the most rewarding, and something I'll never forget. Thanks for stopping by my site.

Jack Leach 

Here is a list of worms I have bought and sold over the years: Canadian Nightcrawlers, African Nightcrawlers, Gray Nightcrawlers, European Nightcrawlers, Belgium Nightcrawlers, Red Worms, Red Wigglers, European Red Worms, Belgium Red Worms, Giant Mealworms, Wax Worms, Golden Grubs, and Jumpers. I also sold 21 different books, written by various authors, on growing worms.
And, I've sold the Wheeleez Beach Cart, that I use myself to carry my cooler, reels, and tackle box when I go to the beach. They have big wide wheels that make it easy to roll in the sand.

If you would like to call me, my phone # is 606-843-6597
And my address is:
333 Rocky Branch Road
East Bernstadt, KY 40729