Leach's Bait Farm can supply you with following quality products:

  • NIGHTCRAWLERS - Also called Dew Worms, is the preferred worm of all fishermen.  Store at 38 deg. F.
  • EUROPEAN RED WORMS - The hottest redworm on the market at the present time.  Also called European Nightcrawlers, Belgium Red Worms, and Belgium Nightcrawlers.  Store at 38-70 deg. F.
  • AFRICAN NIGHTCRAWLERS - Keep above 70 deg. F.  This worm will not stand cold temperatures. Breeds good.
  • GREY NIGHTCRAWLERS - Also called Jumpers, Wigglers, among several other names.  Store 60-70 deg. F.
  • JUMPERS - Same as Greys.
  • WIGGLERS - Same as Greys.
  • RED WIGGLERS -  Fast breeders.  Pan fish bait, also, the best compost worms.  Can be stored at 38-75 deg. F., but breed best above 70 deg. F.
  • GIANT MEAL WORMS - Good pan fish bait, also been used on Catfish.  Three to four times larger than normal size.  Normal size called Golden Grubs.  Store at 40-50 deg. F. 
  • GOLDEN GRUBS -  Regular size Meal Worms.  Store at 40 - 50 deg. F. 
  • WAX WORMS - Good pan fish bait, also used for ice fishing.  Store at 40-60 deg. F. 
  • BELGIUM NIGHTCRAWLERS -  See European Red Worm 
  • BELGIUM RED WORM - See European Red Worm 
  • EUROPEAN NIGHTCRAWLERS -  See European Red Worm 

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